How To Use PLR

As a freshly seasoned new PLR user, you are probably asking yourself, "How do I use PLR?"

The beauty of PLR is that you may do what you like with the content, as long as you follow the product rights that come with it. Once you've figured this out you're ready to start your journey!

Here are a few ways you can use PLR:

1. Resell it on Amazon or other marketplaces

Depending on the type of PLR you've purchased, you can easily turn it into something you can sell on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or any other online store/marketplace.

Keep in mind that many of these marketplaces have features in place that scan for similar writing, so try to switch up the wording, content, or other features so you fly under the radar. A lot of PLR content may have some grammatical issues so putting the writing into Grammarly could be enough to avoid detection and save you time rewording it. You can also put the content into an article respinner or AI.

2. Add it to your courses or paid Discord

One of the biggest secrets of PLR is how social influencers or other content creators use it to fill their paid services with content. Creating these types of things may take a lot of time, to create a shortcut they use PLR content. Most of the information you can find in courses, paid discords, or other things similar, is all readily available on the internet. The difference here is that it's filtered, in order, and ready to go.

Many Influencers copy and paste PLR content directly into their information. Now with access to PLR, you can start your own course or paid discord! The knowledge is there and ready to go for you to use!

There are also PLR videos available! You can even directly copy the content of videos, remake it, and upload it to your course. 

3. Give it away as a free bonus!

If you are someone who has an online store, or something you are selling, you can incentivize your customers to buy by giving a "Free bonus" that comes along with every purchase.

For example, "Purchase today and get a free E-Book on how to start Marketing!"

Another way of utilizing the free bonus is by including it in typeforms/surveys. The issue with typeforms is they may have low completion rates. Putting some type of incentive, such as a free E-Book, will likely make the customer complete the typeform or survey.

4. Use it in a school essay

Since PLR gives you rights to the product, for just a few dollars you can copy and paste an entire E-Book as your essay (as long as the content is similar to what you are supposed to write about) and submit it! Just be sure to reword it and put it into a plagiarism checker so you don't get caught for plagiarism!


Now that you've gotten some insight as to how you can use PLR, the world is your oyster! For those interested in a little extra help, we offer some of our own services!

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