Bitcoin for Profit PLR E-Book

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Bitcoin for Profit PLR Ebook with private label rights is the how-to guide you need to learn all things bitcoin and cryptocurrency, an extremely popular niche.


Bitcoin for Profit PLR Ebook

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Year Released/Circulated: 2021
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Bitcoin for Profit PLR Ebook Introduction:

In this guide, you will learn all about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency,
how they work, why they exist and what kind of technology is behind
Bitcoin. It wasn’t too long ago when people started hearing the words
‘Bitcoin’ and ‘cryptocurrencies.’

Few people outside of the crypto-communities knew what they were and
many thought it was just another fad that was bound to fail in a few years
or so. The value of one bitcoin was just a few cents then so obviously it
wasn’t worth a lot. For this reason, it was ignored by the masses. There
were far more profitable investments one could make, after all.

Those who invested sums of money on the new digital currency either
believed in the system proposed by its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, or they
simply wanted to see how it works.

Either way, those who believed were rewarded greatly, and
continue to be rewarded, as a single bitcoin now costs thousands of

It only took Bitcoin five years to breach the $1,000 mark in late 2013,
and just a few years later, Bitcoin prices are at an all-time high – way
past the $10,000 mark for a single bitcoin!

Bitcoin for Profit PLR Ebook Contents:

Chapter 1: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – An Overview
A Look At Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin’s Colorful Past
Why Do Cryptocurrencies Exist?
How Bitcoin Works
The Technology Behind Bitcoin

Chapter 2: Bitcoin Value – Determine the Value of Bitcoin
Bitcoin’s Value Lies In Its Utility
Bitcoins Are Incredibly Scarce
Supply And Demand Affects Bitcoin Value Directly

Chapter 3: Different Techniques To Acquire Bitcoin
Buy Some Bitcoins
Trade Your Other Cryptocurrencies For Bitcoin
Get Paid With Bitcoins
Complete Small Tasks On Websites
Join Bitcoin Faucets
Mine Your Own Bitcoin

Chapter 4: Bitcoin Mining – All About Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining Terms You Should Get To Know
Bitcoin Mining Hardware Commonly Used By Miners
The Role Of Mining In The Creation Of New Bitcoins
What Is The Blockchain?
What Exactly Is Bitcoin Mining?
Bitcoin Mining And Mining Difficulty
Bitcoin Cloud Mining – An Alternative To Joining Mining Pools?
Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

Chapter 5: Bitcoin Storing – Store Safely Your Bitcoin and Other
Online Wallets
Mobile Wallets
Desktop Wallet
Paper Wallet
Hardware Wallet

Chapter 6: Trading And Selling Your Bitcoin For Profit
Bitcoin Trading Strategies
Popular Bitcoin Trading Platforms
Are You Ready To Start Trading Bitcoins?

Chapter 7: Using Bitcoin As An Investment Strategy
Bitcoin Investment Methods
Strategies To Succeed In Bitcoin Investing

Chapter 8: How to Accept and Use Bitcoin for Your Business?
Online And Offline Businesses Can Accept Bitcoin Payments
How To Handle The Volatility Of Bitcoin
Why Your Business Should Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments
The Benefits Of Bitcoin Payments For Your Business

Chapter 9: Protect Yourself Against Fraud And Theft on Bitcoin
Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies Are Not Scams
Scam #1 – Fake Bitcoin Exchanges
Scam #2 – Phishing Scams
Scam #3 – Cloud Mining Scams
Scam #4 – Ponzi Scams

Chapter 10: The Future Of Cryptocurrency
Massive Support From The Masses
Bitcoin In Developing Economies
Fast And Cheap International Payments
Combat Crime and Corruption
Blockchain Technology Will Become Mainstream

Bitcoin for Profit PLR Ebook Rights:

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