Crypto Nights PLR Videos Package

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Crypto Nights PLR Videos Package with private label rights is a great beginner’s guide to crypto trading, one of the most popular and profitable niches currently!

Crypto Nights PLR Videos Package

File Format: MP4 Video and Web-Ready Format
Number of Videos: 4 Videos
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Extras: 3 email swipes, 6 ad banners, binance training page
Year Released/Circulated: 2021
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Crypto Nights PLR Videos Package Introduction:

Cryptocurrency is the most sustainable investment you could be doing right now and I am about to prove you just how much it is a sure commodity!

Now, for you to understand what I mean by this, let me show you how the opinion of people has been changing over the years since crypto appeared:

In 2009: No one knew what a block chain was

In 2010: Crypto was used to launder money and sell drugs

In 2012: Geeks started understanding the power of block chain and it’s utility

In 2015: With the appearance of Ethereum, businesses started seeing the value in smart contracts

In 2017: Small businesses and marketers started using crypto ‘as a payment method’

In 2020: The general public started to have an interest in crypto as an investment

In 2021: Billionaires are now buying crypto HARD, countries adopting Bitcoin as their legal tender and now banks have no other choice but to start offering crypto as an investment option!

The world is changing before your eyes!

Since the pandemic and the US dollar crashing more and more every day, inflation has begun and is not about to stop!

Just to give you an example, the price of meat went up 6%, bakery went up 5%, vegetables went up 6%, gas went up 37%,  and housing prices went up 38%… over-night!

This is a big warning sign that the economy is about to get hit hard!

So is your boss paying you more because of that? I doubt it…

And this is just the beginning!

Pretty much every country has been printing money to sustain their people during the pandemic, but this money eventually needs to get paid back somehow and that’s by increasing taxes and adding inflation on goods and services, makes sense?

So how can you protect yourself from being a victim of this inflation and tax increases that is just around the corner?

How can you make sure that you, your family and loved ones don’t get affected by it?

How can you make sure to have a bright financial future in the next 5 years from now?

These quick videos are easy to follow and still provides good information. For a general overall guide to Crypto, especially those who are largely unaware of it, these videos are great for quick sells.

Note: Related Binance Training videos can be found here.

Crypto Nights PLR Videos Package Breakdown:

Video 1 – How Crypto Millionaires Are Made – Explains how people take advantage of cryptocurrency to become millionaires. Length: 2 minutes, 25 seconds

Video 2 – Panic Selling – The Profit Killer – How to easily avoid one of the biggest reasons people lose money with crypto. Length: 1 minute, 45 seconds

Video 3 – FUD, Market Manipulation and Hype – Another major contributor to people losing out on money in crypto is paying too much attention to market manipulation and hype. Learn why that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Length: 2 minutes, 20 seconds

Video 4 – Buying the Dips – The strategy that everyone knows; buy low, sell high. This is actually a good strategy, and this clip explains. Length: 2 minutes, 32 seconds

Crypto Nights PLR Videos Package Rights:

What you CAN do:

• Can edit, rename, rebrand
• Can be bundled with other paid products
• Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
• Can give away for free in exchange of leads or for training purposes
• Can be added to paid membership sites
• Can be offered through auction sites
• Can claim full authorship
• Can sell the PLR License, all related content, bonuses and promo material as you see fit

What you CANNOT do:
• There is no limitation. You have free range to do what you want

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