Get Started with Webinars PLR Ebook

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Get Started with Webinars PLR Ebook with private label rights is a fantastic informational ebook that covers the popular topic of starting out with webinars.


Get Started with Webinars PLR Ebook

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Get Started with Webinars PLR Ebook Introduction:

Webinars have become one of the most popular ways to promote a business in the past few years. They are so effective because they provide an immersiveness that other forums of media do not and attendees get real-time information delivered straight to them, not to mention the interactivity of question-and-answer sessions. According to the Adobe Software blog, webinars rank in the top three of the content delivery methods out there.

If you are reading this book and have no idea what the word ‘webinar’ actually means, it is a method of communicating to a group via a specific platform, with the ability to share information with them like voice, text, slides, multimedia and more. Webinar is a play off of the word ‘seminar’ because that’s what a webinar basically is – a seminar for the web.

In order to use a webinar to promote your business, you are going to need to know the secrets to a successful webinar. This book is your guide to putting on a successful webinar, including emphasis on the most important concepts. According to SlideShare, the elements that engage 70% of people the most are interesting content and a passionate speaker.

This book will help you become a passionate and engaging speaker, as well as develop your idea so that you can host the best webinar possible. In addition, we will be covering other concepts that are vital to webinars, such as the equipment that you will need, mastering Q&A’s, working with co-organizers and hiring staff and much more.

Get Started with Webinars PLR Ebook Contents:


Chapter 1: Pre-Requisites Required to Host a Successful Webinar

Chapter 2: Picking a Niche and Selecting Your Topic

Step One: Know Your Niche

Step Two: Decide What People Want to Know

Step Three: Decide What You Are Good at

Step Four: Build up your Expertise

Step Five: Publish Your Expertise & Promote Yourself

Chapter 3: Advertising & Promotion

Chapter 4: Getting Your Presentation Ready

Step One: Choose your Topic

Step Two: Begin Promoting Your Webinar Months in Advance

Step Three: Write a Script

Step Four: Prepare Your Slides

Step Five: Determine if You Need Other Multimedia

Step Six: Practice Your Presentation

Step Seven: Do a Dress Rehearsal

Step Eight: Start Your Presentation Early

Chapter 5: Handling Queries

How Many Questions Can You Handle

How to Take Questions

When to Take Questions

How to Answer Questions

Chapter 6: Being the Best Presenter

Chapter 7: Co-Organizers, Webinar Partners & Staff

Where to Find Co-Organizers

Approaching Co-Organizers

How to Contact Co-Organizers

What to Say to Co-Organizers

Webinar Partners

Webinar Staff

Chapter 8: Monetizing Your Webinar


Charging for Your Webinar

The Free Webinar


Forum Access


Chapter 9: Ensure people come back to you

Chapter 10: Creating a Business from Archived Webinars

Conclusion & Summary

Next Action

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