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ETSY & RESELL READY! No need for editing. 

Celebrate love in all its diverse forms with our LGBTQ Love Sticker Set. Each digital sticker is a testament to the beauty of diversity and the strength of the LGBTQ community. With the purchase of this PLR product, you gain more than just a collection of stickers. You acquire the right to resell these digital plr products, opening up opportunities for business growth while promoting a message of love and acceptance. Ideal for digital planners, these printable stickers can be used to create compelling email campaigns, decorate your online store, or even as merchandise designs.


Component Description
Cover Photo An eye-catching image representing the product.
"What's Inside" Photo A preview of all 6 stickers included in the set.
6 Stickers (SVG) The sticker designs in SVG format, suitable for scaling and customization.
6 Stickers (JPG) The sticker designs in JPG format, ideal for quick use and sharing.
PLR License The license allowing the buyer to resell the stickers.
Instructions A guide on how to use the stickers and the terms of the PLR license.

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