Strength of Fruit and Vegetables Ebook MRR

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Strength of Fruit and Vegetables Ebook MRR with master resale rights is the ebook you need that covers the various ways fruits and veggies can help your health!


Strength of Fruit and Vegetables Ebook MRR

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Strength of Fruit and Vegetables Ebook MRR Introduction:

So many of us wish we had more energy, better abs, and sharper focus. Likewise, we often find ourselves wishing that we had better skin or hair. We wish that we could sleep better at night, and wish that it was a little bit easier to wake up (those last two points are related, by the way!).

This has led to the emergence of numerous industries, all built around helping us to feel, look, and perform better. We spend huge amounts of cash on skincare products, on sleep supplements, and on gym memberships. We try all kinds of crazy things, whether that’s lying on a bed of gentle spikes to improve sleep (yes, that’s a real thing!), wearing blue-blocking shades all day, or wearing energy-healing crystals (which are about as effective as wishing really hard!).

We try these things because we’re looking for answers, and we’re desperate.

We’re willing to try anything. And we hope, each time, that we’re about to stumble upon the answer and unlock our full potential.

We hope that ONE of these things will provide the answer and help us feel GREAT as we know that we really can do. But very few of these strategies makes any noticeable difference.

The problem? We’re overcomplicating matters. And this is largely due to the huge amount of marketing that gets thrown at us on a daily basis. In truth, improving the way you look and feel is very simple: it’s about the basics!

Strength of Fruit and Vegetables Ebook MRR Contents:

Chapter 1: Why Vitamins and Minerals Are the Answer
Starting With Vegetables and Fruits is the Solution

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Vitamins
Fat Soluble Vitamins
Water Soluble Vitamins

Chapter 3: An Introduction to Minerals and Other Amazing Nutrients in Fruits and Vegetables
Other Essential Micronutrients

Chapter 4: Fruits and Vegetables for Athletic Performance
Top Fruits and Vegetables That Improve Athletic Performance

Chapter 5: Amazing Superfood Fruits and Vegetables for Mood, Energy, Beauty, and More
Broccoli and Leafy Greens for Beauty and Pregnancy
Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss, Testosterone, and More
Elderberry for Inflammation

Chapter 6: How Antioxidants Help You to Live Longer

Chapter 7: How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Successfully Improve Your Health
How Many Fruits and Vegetables Do You Need Really?
The Dangers of Too Many Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 8: Creating a Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables
The Strategy: The Aim is Variety
How To Increase The Variety of Fruits & Vegetables

Chapter 9: What About Multivitamin Supplements?

Chapter 10: Conclusion – Your Blueprint for Greater Health

Strength of Fruit and Vegetables Ebook MRR Rights:

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